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Diary Dates

Term 3
 Friday 3 August
Staff Development Day
Students return Monday 6 August
 Monday 6 August
Trial HSC Exams begin
 Wednesday 8 August
Mary Mackillop Feast Day
(Mackillop House)
 Wednesday 8 August
Year 9 (2019) Subject Selection Evening
6:30pm - 7:30pm


— Volume 31 | Issue 12 | Friday, 27 July 2018 —


Dear students, parents and staff,

Welcome back to Term 3! I hope the break was a restful and rejuvenating time for all students, staff and our families of both groups.  I also want to take this opportunity to welcome back two members of staff who are returning to Marian after extensive periods of maternity leave:  Julijana Blazekovic resumes her work on our senior leadership team as the Leader of Administration as well as the Learning Technology Support Teacher role and as a member of the TAS faculty.  Laura Borg also resumes her role as a member of the CAPA faculty - just in time to start thinking about rehearsals for MCCAF that will be celebrated as usual later this term at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta!

I publicly thanked Paul Lown at our staff morning tea at the end of last term for all the work he did, in Julijana’s absence, as the Leader of Administration.  The Admin role is an enormous job that is largely responsible for ensuring everyone is in the right place at the right time with the right information to keep a very complex place running smoothly.  I have often said, it is the “invisible role” since, most of the time, nobody recognises what has been done in the background - as long as it works; we only really notice when something goes wrong! I am very grateful to Paul for all that he did, both at school and in his own time, to keep the Marian plane flying.  Paul now resumes his role as Assistant Science Leader of Learning....

Sleep Matters

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Parent Wellbeing: A skill of social-emotional resilience is being able to solve your social problems. Describe a time you have done this and how you could do it better.

Sleep deprivation is a massive issue for many students and is having a profound effect on their physical and mental wellbeing.  

Both their bodies and minds are not being rested and recharged so how can we expect them to function well  as students and as people?

Their 24/7 addiction of being electronically connected to their peers by having their phones on all night communicating with others, makes deep sleep more than difficult. Interestingly, studies have revealed that some 60% of adolescents are unhappy with and exhausted by this and don’t understand the consequences of a lack of sleep and rest. The reason they continue to stay connected is FOMO; Fear Of Missing Out.  

Assertive parenting, insisting no mobile or computer after 9.00 pm is the answer; it may lead to defiance, but to improve their health and wellbeing it is well worth weathering the storm.

At least 9 hours deep sleep and rest are non-negotiable essentials for the healthy all-round development of young people because:

  • they provide timeout for their eyes and vital organs and essential growth hormones to be released AND

  • learnt material is stored in their long-term memory during REM sleep, Rapid Eye Movement.

Ms Renata Dragovic
Leader of Learning - Pastoral Care

Uniform & Grooming Policy

Marian Catholic College is a uniform school and students are expected to be neat and well-groomed at all times.

Correct school uniform is to be worn while travelling to and from the College, while at the College, and at any formal occasion designated by the Principal. No other coats, blazers, jumpers, tops, jerseys trousers, shorts, tracksuits, hats or socks are to be worn.

If for any reason the correct uniform cannot be worn the student is to provide a note explaining the circumstance to their homeroom teacher. A full list of correct uniforms can be found in the Student Planner and on Marian Connect.

Hairstyles are required to be neat and clean and off the face and ears. Girls must have hair tied back if over shoulder length. Boys may not have hair shaved shorter than a “number 2”. Haircuts must be even or not overly graded in cut, and of one natural colour.

Our complete Uniform and Grooming Policy can be found on Marian Connect.

Medical Plans

It is imperative that the College maintains accurate and up to date medical records and information for every student. Please note that an Action or Management Plan is required for your child if you have indicated that your child has asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetes, or epilepsy. If you need to submit a plan, please make sure they are signed by both parents/carers and the student’s doctor, and provided to the school. 

If circumstances change throughout the year, please inform the College and complete an updated Student Health and Medical Information form which is available from the Student Foyer. 

Are your details up to date

Perhaps over the holidays you moved to a new address, updated your email, or received a new phone number. Whenever these changes need to be made, it is imperative that you contact the school via phone (9654 6700) or by filling out this google form, so that we are aware of the changes. 

If changes have been made in regards to legal matters, financial issues, guardianship, or even the health of the student or parent/s, then we request a  Confidential Information Form be filled out and sent in to the principal.  These forms can be found at reception in the Administration Building or on Marian Connect.


There is a direct link between school attendance and academic achievement.

Just one or two days absent a month can add up to nearly four weeks of a school year. That’s a whole year of lost learning from Kindergarten to Year 10.  Every day counts!

Absences must always be explained by a parent / guardian and if absent for two days or more, a medical certificate is required.

Please be aware that planned leave must have prior approval from the Principal if over five days, just as early departures must be approved by the LoL Pastoral Care before school or at recess via a note from a parent / carer.

Our complete Attendance Policy can be found on Marian Connect.

Parent/Visitor Code of Conduct

From time to time, concerns may arise or parents/caregivers of the College community may need to approach the College to discuss important matters with relation to a number of issues.

It is therefore necessary to have procedures that will help solve problems as soon as possible so that a safe and harmonious College environment is maintained. The best results usually flow from working together.

On occasion, concerns may cause frustration and anxiety. At such times it is always important to organise a time to talk with College staff in an unhurried and confidential atmosphere. No person should directly approach another person’s child. The College will deal with issues between students as part of the College’s Student Management and Pastoral Care Policies.

We are very fortunate that our College community is very aware of the need to communicate effectively and appropriately in order to maintain a safe and happy learning environment for all members of our College community.

Our Complaints Handling Policy can be found in Marian Connect  here.

Our Code of Conduct for Parents and Visitors in its entirety can also be found on Marian Connect.

Parent Drop Off

There is no drop-off / pick-up access to the Marian Catholic College bus bay between 8.15am - 9.00am and between 3.00pm - 4.00pm each day. Therefore vehicles dropping off or picking up students are not permitted in the bus turning area during these times. All students are to be dropped off and/or picked up during these times in the temporary car park behind the school oval.

Due to high traffic during arrival and dismissal times, it is not appropriate for students to cross Annangrove Rd to access the school or to get to awaiting parents/caregivers. Please do not stop your car on that side expecting students to cross.

Interhouse World Cup

During the last 2 weeks of Term 2, Marian held its own Interhouse World Cup. All teams had to play 3 girls and 4 boys at all times, and in hope to make the final, bonus points were awarded if there was a player from each grade on the field. Many nail biting games were played during the junior competition leading to a Paterson vs Sutherland grand final, where Sutherland came out victorious winning the Junior World Cup. 

The final rankings were Bradman in 4th, MacKillop in 3rd, Paterson in 2nd and Sutherland in 1st.
During the the Senior World Cup, we saw Jack Edwards receive a punishment of rubbish pick up and numerous falls by a number of players. In a final no one expected, the Senior World Cup saw Sutherland take on Mackillop in which the first red card of the comp was awarded against Leo Zofrea. Sutherland triumphed once again winning the Senior World Cup 3-1 against MacKillop.
And after a controversial round game that resulted in 8-7 - thanks Paterson - the 3rd place match was between Bradman and Paterson, ending in an upset with Paterson taking home their first win of the senior comp securing 3rd position and Bradman taking 4th.
We’d like to thank Mr Brillo, although he may have made some controversial calls, for giving up his recess and lunch to ref the games and to all the students, both playing and supporting, for making the event a huge success. 
Olivia Dolly
Sutherland House Leader 2018

Vinnies Van

During the school holidays, two staff members and four students from Marian braved the cold winter's night to do some volunteer work with the Vinnies Van.

The night starts at the Caroline Chisholm Centre at Mount Druitt where our volunteers prepare sandwiches to take along with our snacks and hot drinks out in the Vinnies Van to the two distribution locations for the night - North Parramatta and Mt Druitt. The volunteers hand out the sandwiches and snacks and make hot coffee, tea and milo to give to people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness.

For some, a meal from the Vinnies Van is the only meal they get each day. They also appreciate receiving a hot drink to warm them up along with some social conversation - which helps break through the barriers of loneliness and isolation that many living on the fringe of society suffer.

Anyone can approach the Vinnies Van to get a free feed or a hot drink. The Vinnies Van provides a non-judgmental service and will not refuse assistance to anyone who approaches it. The service especially encourages people who are living on the streets or in overcrowded or insecure accommodation to access the service. The service is provided free of charge to all that they assist.

It is a real eye opener to see how some people live. On that cold night we were on last week, one poor lady that came along had no shoes or socks and only a light jumper. Unfortunately, we had no socks or shoes available to hand out and only had one scarf left that we could give her. However, I was amazed at the compassion of one of our students who gave both pairs of socks she was wearing to this lady to try and help in some small way.

We truly have a great bunch of students at Marian and we are very proud to be associated with them.

Students Allanah Kenchington (Yr12), Paige Millingham (Yr12), Ben Eberand (Yr 11), Aaron Espejo (Yr11) accompanied staff members Mr Schroeder and Mrs Ward.

World's Greatest Shave

On the 3rd of July Marian was recognised by the Leukaemia Foundation at it's NSW/ACT Thank You event for top fundraising team. Below is an account by Team Captain Michael Dell'Aquilla.

"Attending the World’s Greatest Shave Thank You event was both a great honour for Alex, Jade, Ms. Vidler and I, as well as the entire Marian Community. Among fifty teams in NSW and ACT, Team Marian placed 18th! After hearing stories of those touched by Leukaemia at the event, it was clear that every dollar from our donation of $25,733 was going to an important cause. It was a privilege to help organise Marian’s biggest WGS event. A huge thank you to every person who baked, coloured, made hot chocolates, cut hair, donated and especially those who shaved! Well done Team Marian!"

This term is a particularly busy and important one for Year 12 students. Many will sit Trial HSC Examinations, there will be Open Days conducted by universities and UAC applications open. Some of our students have already been accepted into Macquarie University thorough its Global Education Leadership Program.

Many students are both focusing on studying for exams and thinking about what they want to do next year. The following are some important dates for UAC applications:

1st August UAC applications open at 9am for:

  • Undergraduate and international applications for admission
  • Schools Recommendation Schemes
  • Educational Access Schemes
  • Equity Scholarships

28th September is the closing date for Early Bird UAC applications


To apply to UAC students go to www.uac.edu.au

Students select 5 courses they wish to study in order of preference. This can be changed at any time once the application has been submitted and until the final closing

Students should not worry that they may not have decided what or where they want to study. After they apply they can log back into their application to change course preferences as many times as they like at no additional cost. Many students will wait until they receive their ATAR before they make their final decision/ Students have until midnight on Sunday the 16th December 2018 to finalise their preferences for the December Round 2 offers on Thursday 2oth December 2018

Students should also consider applying to universities that offer early entry.

Additionally, there are a number of ways students may receive assistance to go to university and include:

  1. Schools Recommendation Scheme – 13 institutions participate in this. It is open to all students but not all courses are offered through SRS. This scheme can make conditional and unconditional offers. Students must first apply for university entry and then they can lodge an SRS application.
  2. Equity Scholarships are designed to assist financially disadvantaged students with the general costs associated with going to university. The application for this is online via the UAC website. It is a secondary application to a student’s main UAC application. Supporting documentation will need to be provided.
  3. Educational Access Scheme. This is special consideration for students who have suffered some form of disadvantage which affected their schooling through years 11 and 12. It has to be disadvantage for 6 months or longer and beyond the control of a student.

Students should speak with Mrs Gilchrist to see if any of these schemes are available to them.

Please click on the below link for further information about Open Days for August.

Mrs Linda Gilchrist
Leader of Learning - HSIE

Please find the timetable for Term 3's Internal Sports Program (Day 5) for Years 7-10. Download the PDF version here.

Year 8 stem camp

As part of Marian Catholic College’s STEM program, two days of stem activities were organised for all year 8 students. During this time the students were required to complete a number of different activities. Each activity was designed to develop student’s problem solving skills, improve their communication and team work skills and to enable students to see how science and mathematics can be applied to real world situations.

Some of the activities that the students completed included – making of a spaghetti bridge; the development of a kicking machine that could be controlled to kick a ball a set distance and angle; working with gears; coding Sphero robotic balls; making motorised insects and designing flotation devices that could hold fixed masses. Thank you to all the teachers that ran the sessions on the camp and for the support staff that ensured all the resources that the students needed were ready for them to use.

Dr Melissa Royal
Leader of Learning - Science

Marian Catholic College v Loreto Normanhurst

Last Wednesday night, Marian Catholic College had another win. 64 state teams were reduced to 32.

We entered the elimination round with an unwinnable case. Our case relied only on circumstantial evidence, and we knew before the first objection was made that we were bound to lose the case.

However, Mock Trial is not only about winning the case, it’s about points. Teams are awarded points for performance, professionalism and teamwork. And although we faced a formidable team, Marian’s unified, experienced and professional performance got them through to the next round.

Ms C Batista
Mock Trial Coach

A Message from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner

A valuable article giving parents and caregivers some great tips and advice on creating a safe gaming environment at home.

Mathletics Winners

All Marian students in Years 7 to 10 have a subscription to Mathletics which can be accessed via computer or iPad. Mathletics provides interactive mathematics activities along with videos and e-books to support learning.

Congratulations to the following students who have shown the most commitment to learning this fortnight. House points have been awarded to all. Well done!

5 House Points and a "Canteen: Front of the Line" pass to:


  • Lachlan Khor | Paterson
  • Tasmin Knispel | Sutherland
  • Chloe Boucher | Bradman
  • Olivia Zanella | Sutherland
  • Lara Atchison | Mackillop

3 House Points to:

  • Matthew Carino | Paterson
  • Gabrielle Bird | Mackillop
  • Olivia Nati | Sutherland
  • Matilda Odell | Mackillop
  • Ruby Kinchington | Paterson
  • Ajang Dau | Bradman

Mrs Brigitta Keane
Acting Leader of Learning - Mathematics

Maths Drop In
Does your child need help with Mathematics or want to extend themselves?

There is a Mathematics teacher available every Tuesday afternoon (unless notified otherwise) from 3:30pm until 4:30pm in A19 to help all Marian students with their mathematics. All they need to do is show up with their questions, queries or concerns.

Mrs Vicki Attard
Acting Assitant Leader of Learning - Mathematics

School Fee Statements are due to be posted out next week. Unless you are on an approved payment arrangement, the third instalment of fees are due on Wednesday 29th August 2018.

If you are yet to finalise the second instalment of school fees, we would appreciate your prompt payment.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding your school fees, please contact Lara Flaviano on 9654 6707 or  mari-khstfees@parra.catholic.edu.au

Mrs Lara Flaviano
Senior Finance Secretary

The Marian Catholic College Uniform Shop
is now operated by The School Locker
Open Tuesdays 12:00pm - 4:00pm & Thursdays 8:00am - 12:00pm
Vinnies Van Parramatta
Vinnies Van offers companionship, a light meal and referral for those experiencing homelessness and social isolation in Mt Druitt and Parramatta. It assists people of all ages and genders. The Vinnies Van operates seven nights a week, except New Year's Eve.
Students and staff at Marian volunteer their services to work in the van on the second Tuesday of each month.
Van Duty
Thank you to all staff and students who have offered their time and effort, to put their faith into practise by ministry for the homeless in the Parramatta area. The roster is as follows:
Tues 14 August 
Mrs Reddy🎓 
Miss Lupis 🎓 
Lochlann Marmara 
Mitchell Simpson
Michael Del Aquilla
Anthony Marinovic
Donya Nematian
Tues 11 September
Miss Bisazza🎓 
Mr Boulus🎓 
Maya Edwards 
Emma-Rose Greenwood 
Laura Cook
Claudia Gatto
Olivia Thompson
Mr Michael Hruby
Leader of Learning - Religious Education
Parish and CEDP News

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