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Diary Dates

Term 4
Monday 19 November
PDSSSC Awards night
Wednesday 21 November
Year 7 (2019) Orientation Day
Wednesday 21 November
Music Ensemble Showcase
6pm - 8pm
Monday 26 November
Year 9 Bronze Star
Tuesday 27 November
Year 10 Driver Education

— Volume 31 | Issue 19 | Friday, 16 November 2018 — 


Dear students, parents and staff,


In the last fortnight, our community paused to commemorate the centenary of Armistice Day that signalled the end of World War I. This occurred at our assembly, the first led by our new student leaders. The focus was a speech by one of our invited guests, returned veteran, Mr Bill Strutton, who spoke of his experiences fighting in the Korean Police Action in the 1950’s. Our College was also recognised for its continual contribution to the ANZAC School Ambassador Programme that has run across the Hills district for the last four years. Marian is the only school that has had an ambassador representative chosen every year – a mark not only of the calibre of our students but also our History staff who have prepared our candidates through their quality teaching. Mr Bryan Mullan from the Castle Hill RSL Sub-branch presented us with a plaque to thank us for this contribution.


Certainly our student leaders were outstanding in their inaugural assembly, ably guided by Ms Darcy Vidler but I must also compliment our students on their solemn observance of this occasion, showing great respect and giving their attention to our guests as well as the protocols of the commemoration. James Osterlund once again astounded me with his playing of the Last Post, a moment that always moves me with what it represents...

Total Engagement

Little minds are interested in the extraordinary; great minds in the commonplace.” Elbert Hubbard

Parent Wellbeing: With your fingers together, concentrate on your breathing and make them open and close as you breathe in and out for five minutes try doing this activity several times a day.


As an adult, are there activities you are involved in where you lose track of time and you are totally immersed and engaged in the challenge you have? If so, what are you feeling? Is it enjoyable? Are you able to think of anything else when you are in this state? If you haven’t had such experiences, Google 'Chris Bliss' to see him in the state described above, which is called flow.

The non-stop nature of electronic communication means many adolescents have fractured attention; they find it almost impossible to deeply engage themselves because they are always awaiting another message.

Encouraging adolescents to fully engage themselves in activities where their skills match the challenge, will create positive emotions in them to build their wellbeing. Providing a wide range of pursuits and learning activities for them to focus on using their skills to overcome a challenge will assist them to develop the resilience skills of regulating their emotions and flexible thinking.

It is important to be aware of the following two possible dilemmas:

  • their skill level far exceeds the difficulty of the challenge and they become bored
  • their skill level is not high enough to overcome the difficulty of the challenge and they become anxious

Ask your son/daughter to do the following resilience builder;

While challenges can be causes of stress, they can also provide you with opportunities to use your character strengths, positive self-talk and growth mindsets to overcome them. Describe a time you have done this well and the positive emotions you experienced as a result.

Ms Renata Dragovic
Leader of Learning - Pastoral Care

Morning Supervision of Students


Students who arrive to school prior to 8.30am must remain in the main quad area until 8.30am. Supervision is then provided in the main quad and the C-block court areas until Homeroom time. Regular rules regarding ball games apply at all times.

Students who have scheduled classes or rehearsals before 8.30am must make their way directly to the allocated room at the arranged time.

Students are not to be in buildings unless they are in a classroom with a teacher. Lockers can be accessed from 8.30am. Students are not to loiter in the locker area.

Afternoon Bus Procedures


A large number of Marian students catch buses to and from the College. To assist with loading students safely on to the buses in the afternoon, students should follow the Afternoon Bus Procedures found on  Marian Connect

These procedures include where to wait for buses to be called, tapping on/off with Opal Cards, consequences for those students who may misbehave and what to do if you miss your bus. 

Email Communications from Teachers


Marian Catholic College recognises that email is a fast and convenient way to communicate with your child’s teachers.


As you can appreciate, teachers read their emails at various times throughout the school day. Other than in the case of a genuine emergency, however, they are not expected to respond to emails from parents and students outside of normal working hours.


Please keep in mind that, if you send an email to a member of our staff outside of normal working hours, a reply may not be received until the following working day.


We appreciate your assistance and understanding.

Mrs Jayne Campbell

Remembrance Day 2018, Bella Vista Farm

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure to attend a special Remembrance Day Ceremony organised by the Castle Hill RSL Sub-Branch and the Hills Shire Council.  In the lead up to the centenary of World War I, a Hills Committee for the Centenary of Anzac was established and it implemented an Anzac Secondary School Ambassador Program. Local High Schools were given the opportunity to nominate one student who would then be involved in an interview process to select four ambassadors. This occurred each year commencing in 2015 and concluding in 2018.

Each student nominated by Marian was selected to be an Anzac Ambassador. Our 2015 student was Heather Anderson, 2016 Daniella Scotti, 2017 Caitlin McDonald and in 2018 Michael Dell’Aquila. On Sunday evening, all past Ambassadors along with the current ambassadors were involved in a ceremony that spoke about those soldiers who had received a Victoria Cross during World War One.

These young adults have been excellent ambassadors for Marian Catholic College and to be able to have them all together was something quite special. Additionally, fifteen of the Senior Student leadership team attended all in uniform and were a noticeable school presence demonstrating pride in our College.

Mrs Linda Gilchrist
Leader of Learning - HSIE

HSZA Junior Girls Football

Our Junior Girls Football team had a great season this year. I have to say, I am extremely impressed with the talent we have here at Marian especially with our female footballers. These girls showed great team spirit, sportsmanship and a true passion for football. This showed through their results throughout the season. Overall we finished second and made it to the Grand Final to verse Arndell. This was a tough game but the girls fought extremely hard. They definitely gave Arndell a run for their money and proved that they deserved to be at the Grand Final. After a nail biting finish, the Junior Girls Football team fell short by the final whistle, losing 2-1 to Arndell. Yes we lost by score, but in my eyes these girls were the true winners! They made me so proud and I am truly honoured to have coached them this year. Congratulations on a great season, ladies!

Miss Stefanie Furnari

HZSA Junior Girls Football Team

Year 7 Girls Basketball - Hills Zone Basketball Competition

This semester seven Year 7 girls began representing Marian Catholic College in the Hills Zone Basketball competition. The team had little to no experience in playing basketball. However, they came together and became familiar with the rules as the competition progressed. All players consistently approached each game with commitment and enthusiasm.

Despite being unable to win a game, the team's performance significantly improved and they now possess more knowledge and skills for games next year. In the future, there could be Australian basketball players in this group. Only time will tell!
Mr Steve Boulus
Front Row: Alanah McEwan, Beatrice Espejo, Brooke Harper, Amelia Dimech
Second Row: Trinity Johnston, Carys Fitzgerald, Shanae Makumbe

HZSA Junior Boys Touch Football

Congratulations to the Junior Boys Touch team that beat Pacific Hills in the semi final on Wednesday 14 November. It was an unexpected close battle with scores locked at 1-1 at half time. Marian almost scored on many occasions until 5 minutes to go when the boys worked together to score a try. The boys withstood the rest of the match to win 2-1. They now proceed to the grand final held at Marian Catholic College on Wednesday 21 November at 4pm. Good luck!
Mr Mark Kennedy

Business Innovation Challenge

On the 1st and 2nd of November, 10 Commerce students and two teachers were invited to participate in a Business Innovation Challenge. This two day activity was a joint enterprise between Incept Education, Macquarie University, Optus and IAG.

The group travelled to the Optus building at Macquarie Park on both days to work collaboratively to try to solve a real problem for IAG. The problem concerned Cyber Safety. Students were instructed to suggest possible solutions to cyber safety for home devices and were required to present their solutions to IAG and Optus representatives.

Three Marian students were part of the winning groups.

Best Idea: Abbey Ashton

Best Groupwork: Jonathon Laphos

Best Pitch: Tiarne Tighe

Our students performed with distinction and their contributions were significant. All students represented Marian in an exceptional manner and we congratulate and thank the students for their dedication and commitment.

Mr Boulus & Miss Ross
Year 10 Commerce Teachers
Front Row:
Nathaniel Lowe, Abbey Ashton, Colette Ghougassian, Alexandra Micallef
Second Row:
Jonathon Laphos, Tiarne Tighe, Georgia Grima, Amy Laudams-Gulbis, Rebecca Kennedy, Mr.Boulus, Jessica Murdocca, Miss Ross

Mathletics Winners

All Marian, students in Years 7 to 10 have a subscription to Mathletics which can be accessed via computer or iPad. Mathletics provides interactive mathematics activities along with videos and e-books to support learning.

Congratulations to the following students who have shown the most commitment to learning this fortnight. House points have been awarded to all. Well done!

5 House Points and a "Canteen: Front of the Line" pass to:

  • Jessica Murdocca | Paterson
  • Olivia Lambert | Sutherland 
  • Jennifer Stone | Sutherland
  • Ruby Kinchington | Paterson
  • Tasmin Knispel | Sutherland

3 House Points to:

  • Marc Zammit | Paterson
  • Ryan Muscat | Paterson
  • Christian Stivala | Sutherland
  • Kiara Valeriano | Bradman
  • Lachlan McDonald | Bradman
Mr Mal Hegarty
Assistant Leader of Learning - Mathematics
Maths Drop In
Does your child need help with Mathematics or want to extend themselves?

There is a Mathematics teacher available every Tuesday afternoon (unless notified otherwise) from 3:30pm until 4:30pm in A19 to help all Marian students with their mathematics. All they need to do is show up with their questions, queries or concerns.

Mrs Brigitta Keane
Leader of Learning - Mathematics

A reminder that the third instalment of school fees were due on Wednesday 29th August 2018. Unless you are on an approved payment arrangement, we would appreciate payments as soon as possible
In addition, we would like to remind all families of the notice policy in regards to the withdrawal of a student from Marian. A term's notice (10 school weeks) in writing must be given to the principal before the removal of a student or a full term's fees will be payable. One exception is that notice in writing will be accepted at any time during Term 4 in relation to the following year’s enrolment. 

Mrs Maricel Lamb

The last day of trading for the Uniform Shop for 2018 will be Thursday, 13 December.
For your convenience the Uniform Shop will be open in January 2019
between the hours 8am - 12pm on the following days:
- Wednesday 16 January - Thursday 17 January - Friday 18 January -
- Monday 21 January - Tuesday 22 January -
Regular trading hours are Tuesdays 12pm - 4pm & Thursdays 8am - 12pm.
These hours will also recommence from Tuesday 29 January.

Vinnies Van Parramatta
Vinnies Van offers companionship, a light meal and referral for those experiencing homelessness and social isolation in Mt Druitt and Parramatta. It assists people of all ages and genders. The Vinnies Van operates seven nights a week, except New Year's Eve.
Students and staff at Marian volunteer their services to work in the van on the second Tuesday of each month.
Van Duty
Thank you to all staff and students who have offered their time and effort, to put their faith into practise by ministry for the homeless in the Parramatta area. The roster is as follows:
Tues 11 December
Mr Brillo🎓 
Mrs Coleman🎓 
Kimberley Hefron
Laura Morato
Ishika Nayyar
Larissa Belcastro
Tues 8 January
Miss Lupis🎓 
Miss Bisazza🎓 
Isabelle Farrugia
Latiesha Brazel
Sinead Leahy
Kaitlyn Rozic
Lauren Rees
Mr Michael Hruby
Leader of Learning - Religious Education
Please see information detailing the upcoming Parent Representative Council Meeting. Register or via at http://www.parra.catholic.edu.au/parents-representative-council-prc

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