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— Volume 31 | Issue 20 | Friday, 30 November 2018 — 


Dear students, parents and staff,


In the last fortnight, we have continued with our traditional rites of passage in welcoming the newest members of the Marian family – our Year 7 2019 students. The Orientation Day is always an event filled with excitement, expectation and some trepidation as students come from many different primary backgrounds to start the transition to high school.


The day was ably led by Mr Ray Nasso, our Year 7 2019 Leader of Learning, who was supported so strongly be a huge team of staff and students. The Year 6 students participated in a comprehensive programme of activities and experiences, designed to make them feel welcome and to provide opportunities for them to start to form the bonds of friendship that will support them through the next six years of education.


The busy day ended with an information session for parents where we spoke about the journey of partnership, encapsulated in our College motto, Walk with Christ, as well as the vital pieces of information that will make the children and parents feel confident as they come into an unfamiliar environment at the start of next year....


Grit and Leadership

It wasn't till quite late in life that I discovered how easy it is to say, 'I don't know.'” W. Somerset Maugham


Parent Wellbeing:  For 10 deep breaths, stand up and imagine there is an invisible wire holding your head upright, push your shoulders back and tighten your buttocks. Do this several times daily and think about your posture.


Building adolescent’s leadership capabilities will assist them to stay focused on the job at hand and ignore distractions. Using the strengths of leadership, bravery, self-regulation and perspective will connect them with the moment, enabling them to do the right thing and do the thing right.  It is about developing grit;

grit = passion + long term persistence

Teaching our adolescents the difference between activity and action is of great benefit;

  • activity – having little meaning and purpose to allow their minds to be hijacked by their emotions
  • action – having meaning and purpose to follow through on what they say they will do

Leaders know that difference and show it in their every thought, word and action. Several of the key ingredients which make up leadership are;

  • believe that other people matter
  • have a higher purpose in life to make a positive difference
  • use a combination of their own and others’ strengths to achieve what the group sets out to do
  • an understanding that the right thing to do is nearly always the hard thing to do and then being prepared to do it
  • welcome challenges and overcome them by using growth mindsets to learn new and try approaches to build their brain’s abilities.

Ms Renata Dragovic
Leader of Learning - Pastoral Care

Year 10 Social Justice Day

On Wednesday all Year 10 students had the rewarding opportunity to engage in social justice activities throughout periods 3,4 and 5. A rotation system was designed to allow all core classes to have a full hour of engagement in each of the three sessions.

A volunteer from OzHarvest, Leonie, spoke to all the students about the effects of food wastage on Australia as a country, and the coinciding disadvantage that those living below the poverty line are facing. She discussed with the students how food wastage is utilised by the 53 vans operating across the country, to help provide nutrition to the most vulnerable.

In another workshop, Zoe Grant from St Vincent de Paul gave students an insight into the main focuses of their charitable works programs. Zoe spoke of the issues of homelessness and poverty, and students were encouraged to engage in a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ activity that brought attention to how our own decisions shape our lives.

In addition to these speakers, we were also allocated an hour of time to write short, creative cards to students at the We Yone Child foundation school in Freetown, Sierra Leone. These letters will accompany the dresses and beaded bracelets that we are sending across in January next year.

All in all, students displayed a positive response to the day, and their minds were opened to a deeper understanding of the world around us.

By Tiane Tighe

Next Friday, 7 December we are holding the Vinnies Christmas Appeal "Santa Hat Day"

Students are being asked to get involved by
  • Wearing a Santa hat during the day
  • Bringing in a gold coin donation to support the Vinnies Christmas Appeal
  • Bringing in donations of non-perishable items for Vinnies Christmas Hampers (such as Christmas cakes and puddings, soft drinks and nibbles, biscuits, pasta and pasta sauces, tinned ham, bon bons, serviettes etc
  • Bring some home cooked cakes, biscuits or sweets to sell on our stall.

A huge 'thank you' to everyone in advance.

Mrs Meg Thomas
Social Justice Leader

As part of our homelessness unit, Year 8 Religion students will be putting their faith into action. On Friday 7 December, students are asked to bring in a wrapped gift for a child in need. These will be donated as part of the Marian Catholic College Christmas Hampers.

Please bring in your wrapped gift, labelled with the gender and age range for the gift (eg. Girl, aged 3-6) on Friday 7 December and place it in the baskets at Student Services.

As a wide range of ages need to be catered for, not just the little kids. Remember the teenagers too! Students will be asked in class to nominate which age and gender they will be giving a gift to.

This is a very exciting time for some of the Year 12 students who having completed their HSC examinations have been informed that they have received early entry to a number of universities. These students, having registered their preferred courses with UAC, then indicated that they wanted to participate in the Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS). Not all universities participate but many do.

Once the students have nominated that they would like to be part of the scheme, details are sent to their school and which then responds to a series of questions. Being offered a place reduces the stress of waiting for the HSC Results and ATAR. Students still are required to do well in their exams but not everything hinges on the result. Universities now recognise that schools have a good understanding of their students and how suitable they would be to undertake tertiary study. Many in the student leadership team have received entry into courses at Macquarie University via its Global Leadership Education Program. One has been awarded a scholarship based on her responses that demonstrated her commitment to the wider community. Involvement in the wider community is something that many institutions see as valuable.

I have begun to speak with students in Year 11 and will continue to do so over the coming weeks so that they begin to think about what they might like to do next year, especially as the UAC website will open from 1st of April. Many universities are now preferring to offer places well before the ATAR is released. Should parents wish to come and speak with me feel free to contact me at school or email me at: lgilchrist@parra.catholic.edu.au.

Further, I encourage you to speak with your sons and daughters urging them to keep checking the Google Classroom platform for information that I provide regarding apprenticeships on offer, TAFE and University information Days, not to mention other courses that may be of interest.

Mrs Linda Gilchrist
Careers Adviser

Who to Contact

Mobiles & Technology


Students are to be reminded about phone etiquette. Always have permission before taking a photo of someone. We have several students at the College where it is incredibly important that they remain off the web. This includes through apps such as Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram.

The Hills March Against Violence

On Friday the 23rd of November, a group of Staff and Students from Marian participated in The Hills White Ribbon March, taking a stand to end violence against women. Beginning at 7am, the march travelled from Castle Towers to the Castle Hill RSL where guest speakers presented to the students on the very relevant topic of violence in our community.
"This was most definitely one of the most insightful experiences I have had this year and encourage all ages to get involved in the initiative. One of the guest speakers said “just imagine that this could be your sister, mother or friend, what would you want to be done to stop this from happening to them?”. - Jade Cali
"The march was such a great way to get in touch with the community on this really important issue. If we all work together we can make a difference to so many people." - Georgette Haddad
"The White Ribbon March was an eye opening experience that made me realise how much this issue has touched our community. It was great to hear the speakers giving real advice on what to do if I do ever see or experience violence." - Kacie Lee
"I felt that the march really brought the community together to help raise awareness and was such a valuable experience to have." - Cassie Warwick
"The White Ribbon March really helped me see a different perspective on the issue of domestic violence and how we should all work together to change our attitudes towards sexism and violence." - Aaron Espejo

Miss Darcy Vidler (HSIE Teacher) & Student Leaders

CONGRATULATIONS to some of our very talented Year 12 students who have been nominated for Callback & Art Express!

Lachlan Thomas & Christian Hart have both been nominated for Callback, a showcase of outstanding performances and projects from HSC dance students in NSW. Students will be informed of the outcome of the selection process in early December.

Congratulations also to Molly White who has had her artwork nominated for Art Express, an exhibition of exemplary artworks created by New South Wales visual arts students for the Higher School Certificate examination.

Note: these nominations are not an indication of HSC mark allocation and a further selection process will take place to see if students are asked to perform at 'Callback' and selected for Art Express.

CONGRATULATIONS to Charli Orsini of Year 9 who has been selected in the PDSSSC softball team for 2019.

Well done to our students and Good Luck!

We'd like to share with you the beautiful prayer
Jacob Boulus & Allanah Kenchington (School Captains, 2018) wrote
as they led their fellow students in prayer at the Year 12 formal.

Dear Lord,

We would like to offer up this awesome night to celebrate 13 years of schooling.

We thank you for all the memories and moments we have shared with all our
friends and teachers at Marian.

We also thank you for the angels you sent us; whether that be our friends, our family,
our teachers or anyone else who helped us get through our HSC and Year 12.

We ask that as we celebrate these good things we are protected and kept safe in your loving hands.

Lord, it is sometimes hard to know what to do after high school. So no matter what happens we ask that every single one of us is guided into a career and life full of joy, peace, fulfillment and prosperity. And may we always seek to take courage and good judgement from our Catholic education.

Finally, we know there will be times in all our futures where life will get tough, may we turn to you in these times of trouble, and may, we know that even in our deepest and darkest moments we can always slow down and WALK WITH CHRIST.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


ICAS Mathematics 2018

In August, 110 students from Marian participated in the ICAS Mathematics Competition. We had a number of students that received an award for placing in the top 30% of their Year group. We had 34 Credit awards which places the students in the top 30% of their cohort, 10 Distinction awards which place them in the Top 10% of their cohort and 1 High Distinction in Year 10, Patrick Atkins, which placed him in the Top 1% of his cohort.


The following is a list of the students within the Top 30% of their cohort;

Year 7



Alex Pantaleone

Annika Skjellerup

Anthony Cutuk

Ashley Cummings

Emily Nasso

Isabell Joseph

Juliana Constantino

Lachlan Blake

Oliver Scannone

William Atkins


Carys Fitzgerald

Emily Ortlepp

Isaac Sultana

Machaela O’Connor

Samuel Fuller

Year 8



Evan Dawson

Kaitlyn De Belle

Emma Gardiner

Richella Kurniawan

Ava Newman

Luke Skjellerup

Daniel Smith

Olivia Tesoriero

Kaitlin Wagner


Max Covington

Nathan Keane

Krister Lo

Year 9


Ryan Finucane

Riley Lloyd-Diviny

Isabella Thornton


Joseph Awadalla

Year 10


Lourdes Bernadette

Jamie Cartisano

Jaime Laird

Nathaniel Lowe

Alexandra Micallef

Tiarne Tighe

Lachlan White


Ella Covington


High Distinction

Patrick Atkins

Year 11


Benjamin Eberand

Liam Finucane

Luke Hermez

William Kolyvas

Kaitlyn Rozic

Mrs Brigitta Keane
Leader of Learning - Mathematics

Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiad 2018

The Maths Olympiad has been operating for high achieving students in Years 7 and 8 since 2003, and has competitors from Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. It is an extremely challenging competition and involves competitors competing in a series of 5 Maths Olympiads over the months of May to September.

This year, all students in 7MathA and 8MathA competed in the 2018 Maths Olympiad. All our competitors performed well and are deserving of congratulations for their results.

Of particular note are:

Top 2%: Nathan Keane (8MathA)
Top 20%: Max Covington (8MathA), Isaac Sultana (7MathA)
Top 25%: William Atkins (7MathA)
Top 30%: Richella Kurniawan (8MathA), Krister Lo (8MathA), Anthony Cutuk      (7MathA), Sarkis Khoudair (7MathA)
Top 40%: Emily Nasso (7MathA)
Top 50%: Kaitlyn de Belle (8MathA), Tara Demamiel (8MathA), Emma Gardiner (8MathA), Rose Sakkal (8MathA), Juliana Constantino (7MathA), Machaela O'Connor (7MathA), Emily Ortlepp (7MathA), Serena Adoranti (8MathA), Ashleigh Laird (8MathA), Owen Lonsdale (8MathA), Jordan di Martino (7MathA), Carys Fitzgerald (7MathA), Alex Pantaleone (7MathA), Annika Skjellerup (7MathA)

Well done to all our competitors.

Mrs Christine Sandrone

Mathematics Teacher

Mathletics Winners

All Marian, students in Years 7 to 10 have a subscription to Mathletics which can be accessed via computer or iPad. Mathletics provides interactive mathematics activities along with videos and e-books to support learning.

Congratulations to the following students who have shown the most commitment to learning this fortnight. House points have been awarded to all. Well done!

5 House Points and a "Canteen: Front of the Line" pass to:

  • Jessica Murdocca | Paterson
  • Christian Stivala | Sutherland 
  • Kiara Valeriano | Bradman
  • Olivia Zanella | Sutherland
  • Lily Oaklands | Bradman

3 House Points to:

  • Jacinta Carabetta | MacKillop
  • Julian Isaac | Bradman
  • Marc Zammit | Paterson
  • Matilda Odell | MacKillop
Mr Mal Hegarty
Assistant Leader of Learning - Mathematics
Maths Drop In
Does your child need help with Mathematics or want to extend themselves?

There is a Mathematics teacher available every Tuesday afternoon (unless notified otherwise) from 3:30pm until 4:30pm in A19 to help all Marian students with their mathematics. All they need to do is show up with their questions, queries or concerns.

Mrs Brigitta Keane
Leader of Learning - Mathematics

A reminder that the third instalment of school fees were due on Wednesday 29th August 2018. Unless you are on an approved payment arrangement, we would appreciate payments as soon as possible
In addition, we would like to remind all families of the notice policy in regards to the withdrawal of a student from Marian. A term's notice (10 school weeks) in writing must be given to the principal before the removal of a student or a full term's fees will be payable. One exception is that notice in writing will be accepted at any time during Term 4 in relation to the following year’s enrolment. 

Mrs Maricel Lamb

The Uniform Shop will be CLOSED on Tuesday 4 December
and RE-OPEN on Thursday 6 December.
The last day of trading for the Uniform Shop for 2018
will be Thursday, 13 December.
For your convenience the Uniform Shop will be open in January 2019
between the hours 8am - 12pm on the following days:
- Wednesday 16 January - Thursday 17 January - Friday 18 January -
- Monday 21 January - Tuesday 22 January -
Regular trading hours are Tuesdays 12pm - 4pm & Thursdays 8am - 12pm.
These hours will also recommence from Tuesday 29 January.

Marian Catholic College students are eligible to join The School Locker Student Advantage Program. Membership provides benefits for your family and our school. Members get Student Advantage pricing when shopping on The School Locker website and they receive exclusive Student Advantage offers from The School Locker. Member purchases from any of The School Locker stores, including online, generate revenue for our school.

Follow these simple steps to activate your free Student Advantage membership.

1. Visit theschoollocker.com.au/customer/account/

2. Create your account or login if you already have one.

3. Generate your unique Student Advantage number.

Your Student Advantage number will be linked to your account and you will be able to view Student Advantage pricing instantly. Join online and start the Student Advantage membership benefits today!

Vinnies Van Parramatta
Vinnies Van offers companionship, a light meal and referral for those experiencing homelessness and social isolation in Mt Druitt and Parramatta. It assists people of all ages and genders. The Vinnies Van operates seven nights a week, except New Year's Eve.
Students and staff at Marian volunteer their services to work in the van on the second Tuesday of each month.
Van Duty
Thank you to all staff and students who have offered their time and effort, to put their faith into practise by ministry for the homeless in the Parramatta area. The roster is as follows:
Tues 11 December
Mr Brillo🎓 
Mrs Coleman🎓 
Kimberley Hefron
Laura Morato
Ishika Nayyar
Larissa Belcastro
Tues 8 January
Miss Lupis🎓 
Miss Bisazza🎓 
Isabelle Farrugia
Latiesha Brazel
Sinead Leahy
Kaitlyn Rozic
Lauren Rees
Mr Michael Hruby
Leader of Learning - Religious Education

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