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Monday 17 December
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Tuesday 18 December
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Thursday 20 December
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Thursday 31 January
Year 7, 11 & 12 Return to School
Friday 1 February
Year 8, 9 & 10 Return to School

— Volume 31 | Issue 21 | Friday, 14 December 2018 — 


Dear students, parents and staff,


Amazingly, this is the last newsletter for 2018!  Looking back on the year is both a review of the multitude of events and achievements and at the same time, a shock that it seems to have all been accomplished in the blink of an eye.


It might be expected that we are winding down to the holidays, but in fact the opposite is the case – we are turning up the pace in a sprint to the finish line as the last week approaches.  Our annual Vinnies Christmas Appeal activities have been in full swing across the College, Year 7-10 academic reports for Semester 2 have been written and posted and we are now finalising the preparations for the Christmas Liturgies, the Picnic Day and our Presentation Evening – all to be conducted in the last five days of school!  


Each of these events is a major exercise in coordination and organisation, taking days of hard work to ensure everything runs smoothly and is a fitting celebration for this special time of the year.  Each requires its own team of staff and students whose generosity and expertise is enormous.  At Marian, the standard set is exceptionally high but these teams never fail to deliver, even though this work is actually on top of the regular core business of each day’s learning and teaching.  Moreover, no teaching degree actually includes events management as a course.  Perhaps that should become a pre-requisite for our profession?...

Holiday Timeout

Every day is a wonderful opportunity to love, to learn, to laugh, to care and celebrate the joy of life." Saying

Parent Wellbeing:  Think of three things which consistently push your emotional buttons. For each, come up with two 'off ramps' to reduce the intensity of your emotions. Holidays are wonderful times for students to relax and enjoy their families and friends.

After all, they are sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and grandchildren well before they are students.  For all students, holidays are also an excellent opportunity to read, exercise more and pursue their hobbies.  Holidays are not a time to laze around glued to electronic devices and watching videos all day.  Get active outside.

For Senior students, while holidays are time to rest, revive and survive, they are also valuable opportunities to revise the previous term’s learning as the reality is if they don’t revise then, it won’t happen.  Should students not regularly revisit what they have learned then it is lost from their memories.  Revising turns their brain pathways into fast flowing freeways.  A proactive action for students is to honestly self-assess on their progress towards their goals and consider the following questions;

  1. How were my efforts last term?
  2. Did I achieve my goals and self-expectations?
  3. What are my personal learning goals moving forward?

The holidays are times to reward ourselves for good efforts and celebrate our own and others’ successes.

God of wisdom, we thank you
for all the gifts you have given us
throughout the school year.
We praise you for giving us life,
for saving us in Christ,
and for choosing us to be your people.
As we come to the end of this school year,
we voice our gratitude
for the good things you have done in us,
and we praise you for all who have shared
in the teaching, learning and running of this school.
Give us the rest and refreshment we need this holiday period.
Let the efforts of this past year bear fruit.
Watch over us in the weeks of rest ahead,
and guide each day as you have done this past year.
Help us return to school with a new spirit and energy.
Loving God,
During this holy season of Christmas, we ask for
your blessing on all families.
Let Mary’s openness to your wonderous ways be an
inspiration to place all trust in you.
Let Joseph’s courage provide hope during times of
anxiety and uncertainty.
Let Jesus’ life ignite all families with a spirit
of light and love.
May the grace that encircled the Holy Family widen
To embrace all families.
May we continue to grow
in age, wisdom, knowledge and grace
all the days of our lives

Ms Renata Dragovic
Leader of Learning - Pastoral Care

Thanks to All

What a great day the Santa Hat Day was last Friday, thank you to everyone for your generous support of the Vinnies Christmas Appeal Day. A special mention to the School leaders who all pitched in to make the day happen - you guys are awesome! 
A second mention to the amazing Mrs Watters and all the Year 8 Religion teachers, who organised the collection of gifts from their classes. These gifts were all labelled so that Vinnies can distribute them to children this Christmas - such a meaningful endeavour.
Sew A Smile - Donations Needed
Next Tuesday we are running a Sew a Smile workshop during the Picnic Day. We are hoping to make up kits of cut out dresses, bias binding and elastic. It would be great if any parents or friends of Marian could donate colourful cotton fabric to make the little dress kits. If you hand in fabric to the administration building with a 'Mrs Thomas' label, I would be delighted to take delivery. 
I am excited to announce that we are sending a shipment of 'Sew a Smile' dresses and shorts to Sierra Leone in January, and these will be accompanied by letters that Year 10 students wrote on the Year 10 Social Justice Day. So many great things happening at Marian.
Merry Christmas everyone, and a peaceful holiday season.


Mrs Meg Thomas
Social Justice Leader

Thursday and Friday have been important days for our Year 12 students of 2018. Not only did they received their HSC results but an ATAR as well for many. What students and parents need to keep in mind is that the results are a stepping stone and provide options for students. No matter the result, there are many avenues for young people today to pursue their dreams and build a career.

We all need to keep in mind that these results do not define our students or what they can become, rather it is the character of the student and how they conduct themselves that contributes to the whole person, this is what will take them in many directions. More importantly, if a student has a passion for something and they achieve a higher ATAR that would lead them to a course they may not have considered, they do need to reflect on whether that is the best option. For some, the choice is to take a gap year so that they can step back from study. Ten years ago, Melissia Chen, a student who achieved a perfect score made such a decision, much to the consternation of her family, but she believes that it assisted her to decide exactly what she wished to do. She said that her Navy gap year “ was invaluable” as she was able to challenge herself and learn a lot.

There will be new degrees on offer in 2019 that range form animal conservation to space, health sciences and fashion. For instance, the University of Newcastle is offering a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering (Honours) that will enable graduates to qualify for positions in aircraft design and manufacturing as well as with the Australian Defence Force as aerospace, satellite and systems engineers. The International College of Management Sydney has a new Bachelor of Business Management (Fashion and Global Brand Management) on offer. Universities continue to offer new courses that reflect the changes in society and the workplace.

Students wishing to undertake study at TAFE are reminded that from Monday January 21, 2019, TAFE NSW will host information week at sites across Sydney and regional NSW. TAFE is not only an avenue by which students can complete courses for apprenticeships, rather it has Diploma courses in many areas that can then be used to apply to universities for Degree courses.

I have begun speaking with current Year 11 students about what they might be considering when they complete their studies at the end of 2019. In particular, at the end of March 2019, students will receive a UAC pin and from the beginning of April they will be able to apply for courses. This change has been implemented to reflect the fact that many universities are now providing early offers to students rather than waiting for the HSC and Atar results. Students wishing to meet with me and any parents who may have questions, can email me to arrange a meeting or to have phone conversation. My email is lgilchrist@parra.catholic.edu.au I encourage parents to join the Careers page on Google Classroom if they wish to see the job opportunities, apprenticeship and traineeships available. I post information from employers, universities, colleges and TAFE. The code for this Google Classroom page is shkpjb.

I wish all Marian families a happy and holy Christmas. I look forward to being able to assist students throughout 2019.

Mrs Linda Gilchrist
Careers Adviser

Who to Contact


Financial Matters

  • Senior Finance Officer in the first instance
  • Business Manager

Short Absences

(fewer than two days)

  •  Year Leader of Learning (please phone by 8.30 am)
  • Return SMS message to College Reception may be used instead of a note
  • Homeroom Teacher – a note on your son’s / daughter’s return accompanied by a Doctor’s Certificate if the absence is more than two days

Longer Absences

(two days or more due to illness)

  •  Year Leader of Learning

Planned Leave

(less than 5 days)

  • Letter to the Leader of Learning - Pastoral Care requesting permission at least six weeks prior to the planned leave

Planned Leave

(5 days or more)

  • Application for extended leave form A.1 to be completed for Principal’s approval
  • Application for Exemption from Attendance at School for Principal’s approval
As a general rule, family holidays during school time are strongly discouraged, particularly in Years 10, 11 and 12, because they impact on Board of Studies mandatory requirements.  The school is unable to accept responsibility for the work students miss while taking holidays during term time, except in the case of emergencies or for other pastoral reasons.


Academic Progress / Subject Related Issues

  •  Subject Teacher (in the first instance)
  • KLA Leader of Learning
  • Leader of Learning - Curriculum
  • Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning)

Lost Property

  • Pastoral Care Foyer

Assessment Tasks / Examinations

  • Absence from an assessment task - KLA Leader of Learning (phone by 8.45 am)
  • Absence from an Examination - Year Leader of Learning

Personal and Family Matters / Pastoral Care Matters

  • Homeroom Teacher
  • Year Leader of Learning
  • Leader of Learning - Pastoral Care
  • School Counsellor
  •  Principal

Careers Advice

  • Careers Advisor


  • Enrolments Officer

Complaint Handling

(See College Website for details)


  • Deal with the situation personally
  •  Inquiry at College Reception
  • Referral to relevant Leader of Learning, Assistant Principal, Principal
  • Catholic Education Office 9840 5600

Music Ensemble Showcase Night
& Year 6 Orientation Day

On Wednesday 21st November, the college ensembles had the opportunity to perform at the Year 6 Orientation Day. Our students presented a range of music and dance items to the primary school students, demonstrating the variety of ensembles offered at the college and inviting the Year 6 studentss to be a part of these groups when they join us at Marian next year.

In the evening, we held our Music Ensemble Showcase Night. This was a fantastic night, sharing the talents and hard work of each of these ensembles. It was wonderful to see so many families, staff and members of our community attending the night. Thank you to all of the staff and students involved in both the Year 6 Orientation Day and the Music Ensemble Showcase Night.


Mrs Linda Austin
CAPA & PDHPE Teacher

NSW Creative Kids Program

NSW families will soon be able to access the new $100 Creative Kids voucher unlocking the creative abilities of a new generation across the State from 1 January 2019 when the program takes effect.

Parents will be able to use one voucher for every school-age child per year to help meet the cost of structured creative and cultural activities, such as music lessons, languages, coding, drama and theatre, photography and graphic design.

For More Information on the NSW Creative Kids Program

Year 10 Commerce Incursion - Financial Literacy

Last Tuesday, the Year 10 Commerce students attended an incursion about financial literacy. Here is a quick recap from some of our students:

Nathaniel Lowe:

The START SMART seminar was split into 3 different categories: Saving, Spending and Timing. This educational program recommends to start saving now, visualise a set goal and to plan your spending. Some strategies include: start by saving at least 30% of your income; keep motivated by changing photo in your mobile phone background constantly; and waiting 24 hours before you buy something. If you still want it the next day, you get go back and get it.


Jonathon Laphos:

The 2 period incursion titled START SMART was rather informative. The information provided was both up to date, and extremely informative in helping myself and my peers in our day-to-day saving strategies. Brandon Paterson was really helpful and involved in the discussion, answering any questions, anyone may have had. Brandon even recommended challenges such as the $5 note challenge and the 600mL Coke Bottle $2 challenge, this involves saving every $2 coin which you attain, and putting it into a 600mL Coke Bottle. This interesting challenge will add up to $1000 when the bottle is filled up!

Mathletics Winners

All Marian, students in Years 7 to 10 have a subscription to Mathletics which can be accessed via computer or iPad. Mathletics provides interactive mathematics activities along with videos and e-books to support learning.

Congratulations to the following students who have shown the most commitment to learning this fortnight. House points have been awarded to all. Well done!

5 House Points and a "Canteen: Front of the Line" pass to:

  • Olivia Zanella | Sutherland
  • Christian Stivala | Sutherland 
  • Jade Fitzpatrick | Sutherland
  • Mia Sprowles | MacKillop
  • Natasha Cuyno | MacKillop

3 House Points to:

  • Isabell Joseph | Sutherland
  • Mackenzie Lusica | Sutherland
  • Ryan Fletcher | Bradman
  • Sam Fuller | Bradman
  • Chloe James | MacKillop
Mr Mal Hegarty
Assistant Leader of Learning - Mathematics
Maths Drop In
Does your child need help with Mathematics or want to extend themselves?

There is a Mathematics teacher available every Tuesday afternoon (unless notified otherwise) from 3:30pm until 4:30pm in A19 to help all Marian students with their mathematics. All they need to do is show up with their questions, queries or concerns.

Mrs Brigitta Keane
Leader of Learning - Mathematics

A reminder that the third instalment of school fees were due on Wednesday 29th August 2018. Unless you are on an approved payment arrangement, we would appreciate payments as soon as possible
In addition, we would like to remind all families of the notice policy in regards to the withdrawal of a student from Marian. A term's notice (10 school weeks) in writing must be given to the principal before the removal of a student or a full term's fees will be payable. One exception is that notice in writing will be accepted at any time during Term 4 in relation to the following year’s enrolment. 

Mrs Maricel Lamb

The Uniform Shop is now closed for the year,
and will reopen in January 2019.
For your convenience the Uniform Shop will be open in January 2019
between the hours 8am - 12pm on the following days:
- Wednesday 16 January - Thursday 17 January - Friday 18 January -
- Monday 21 January - Tuesday 22 January -
Regular trading hours are Tuesdays 12pm - 4pm & Thursdays 8am - 12pm.
These hours will also recommence from Tuesday 29 January.

Marian Catholic College students are eligible to join The School Locker Student Advantage Program. Membership provides benefits for your family and our school. Members get Student Advantage pricing when shopping on The School Locker website and they receive exclusive Student Advantage offers from The School Locker. Member purchases from any of The School Locker stores, including online, generate revenue for our school.

Follow these simple steps to activate your free Student Advantage membership.

1. Visit theschoollocker.com.au/customer/account/

2. Create your account or login if you already have one.

3. Generate your unique Student Advantage number.

Your Student Advantage number will be linked to your account and you will be able to view Student Advantage pricing instantly. Join online and start the Student Advantage membership benefits today!

Vinnies Van Parramatta
Vinnies Van offers companionship, a light meal and referral for those experiencing homelessness and social isolation in Mt Druitt and Parramatta. It assists people of all ages and genders. The Vinnies Van operates seven nights a week, except New Year's Eve.
Students and staff at Marian volunteer their services to work in the van on the second Tuesday of each month.
Van Duty
Thank you to all staff and students who have offered their time and effort, to put their faith into practise by ministry for the homeless in the Parramatta area. The roster is as follows:
Tues 8 January
Miss Lupis🎓 
Miss Bisazza🎓 
Isabelle Farrugia
Latiesha Brazel
Sinead Leahy
Kaitlyn Rozic
Lauren Rees
Tues 12 February
Mr Kinchington🎓 
Mrs Reddy🎓 
Tamarah Daher
Alyssa Zuvela
Courtney Griffin
Danielle Schwebel
Mr Michael Hruby
Leader of Learning - Religious Education

Mass Times for ALL Parramatta Diocesan parishes can be found by accessing the Parramatta Diocesan website:
Have a safe, happy and holy Christmas

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Christmas Masses

Monday 24 December
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Tuesday 25 December
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